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A Word from the Manager

"What's important is the quality and stability of your team. Building a good team is the biggest challenge." Is this a hockey coach talking, or a car salesman? For Steve Lemay, owning and operating Beaucage group's Kia and Mitsubishi dealerships in Cowansville is a lot like his other job as coach of a Double Lettre hockey team. "I want the best from everyone. We need people to have team spirit, and perform to the best of their abilities. We teach both employees and new hockey players the same way, giving them the right techniques to succeed both one the ice and in their careers."

When talking about coaching and leadership with Steve Lemay, we has the stance and appearance of an NHL coach watching from the sidelines. With a straight back and piercing eyes, he has the air of a fierce competitor who knows exactly how to motivate his team. Even with his years playing elite hockey behind him, the fierce desire to win and succeed certainly hasn't left him. 

He didn't stay in the minor leagues for long. At 18 years old, he wanted to sell cars, and set about learning the business himself. Despite his young age, he landed an internship at Sherbrooke Saturn ... and we decided to keep him. His lifelong career in sales and sales direction started then and there. After continuing to learn the ropes, he eventually found himself as the general manager at Sherbrooke Saturn. Two years later, Beaucage auto group needed to send a trained leader to Cowansville in order to oversee several dealerships there. "I adapted quickly to Cowansville. The volume of business is different, but I enjoy the personal side of it. It's a warmer and friendlier environment. I have a lot of respect for Kia and Mitsubishi, and I enjoy working with younger and more dynamic brands that aren't quite as set in their ways as some of the older manufacturers."

Between the rearview mirror and the road ahead, Steve Lemay has no regrets about the road he's taken in life. In the end, whether's it's hockey or selling cars, he's just happy to be part of the team. 

Steve Lemay

General Manager